Come again, Camiguin!

island girl banka

I can’t recall but I am sure that was very exciting. Last May 2007, the whole family went to Camiguin Island we ride a public bus from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan for about 2 hours and sailed a ferry boat from there to Camiguin Island, its only less than an hour coast ride, the last time I was there was year 2000 Wooowh its been seven years!

Camiguin is the best place where you can feel green-breezy-air. The scenery is like ” A click away to heaven that swings your soul to…” 🙂 the place is good for newly wed, newly (un)wed- separated and for the wanna be’s wed. I see lots of development of the Island, the roads, houses, government infrastructures and tourist spots and the best of all yet, is the Internet connection, well my cousin owns two cyber cafe in Mambajao, the central municipal in the Island.

History tells, that late century about 1521 and 1565 Spaniards headed my Ferdinand Magellan landed in Camiguin and have establish “Guinsiliban” (now, one of the municipal). “Guinsiliban” means to watch over the pirates, I wonder Jack Sparrow is one of them.

Cementery under the sea old house

But now, as you can see, Camiguin is the tourist spot known not only in the Philippines but in the whole world like in Costa blanca in Spain. History and struggle now leisure and dine, I haven’t mention yet, the reason why we visited the Island is because of the “Fiestas”. Hmmm, let me think.. that was…. Hmmm.. Beer and Beer and Beer! and more!

If you have a good time ahead, I must say that Camiguin is the place to be.

trivia: Not sure but a close to trivia, The Provincial road that embraces the Island is 64 kilometers in total. I think so 🙂


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4 Responses to “Come again, Camiguin!”

  1. Nice pic, I wanna go to that place

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