The best dirt bikes you should have!

Honda CRF450R vs. Yamaha YZ450F

Honda CRF450R

Honda CRF450R

The CRF450R has been winning races since it was first unleashed in 2002 to challenge Yamaha’s YZ450F, the progenitor of the class. The mighty CRF has gone on to win not only Supercross and Motocross national races in the hands of Kevin Windham and Ricky Carmichael, it has also won national-level dirt tracks, TTs, GNCC enduros and desert events. And the CRF already has a supermoto championship under its belt, with Honda claiming nearly 60% of the entrants in the field.

The CRF was significantly updated in 2004, with a healthier motor, a Renthal handlebar and a weight saving of 3.0 pounds, among several other worthwhile upgrades. But in this competitive class, if you’re standing still you’re gonna get passed.

With that in mind, Honda has once again revised the CRF, making it lighter, stronger and faster. Honda now claims a dry weight of 218.5 pounds, a drop of 3.5 from last year’s model.

Each year, engineers spend countless hours in the pursuit of shaving grams from these race-ready machines, and each year the solutions get more creative and the materials used become more exotic. For instance, the rear hub of the 2005 CRF is made of a magnesium-silicon alloy that weighs 10% less (3.5 ounces) while being stronger than last year’s model. A new aluminum swingarm retains the previous dual-axis, double-taper design, but is now almost 9 ounces lighter while preserving the rigidity of the previous component. (source: Kevin Duke)


Yahmaha YZ450F


Yahmaha YZ450F

The bike that started the four-stroke revolution keeps moving forward with chassis and engine refinements that ensure the five-titanium-valved YZ450F remains at the head of the open-class pack. These are some of the best features;



  • Engine – 449cc, five-valve, DOHC,liquid-cooled engine is super powerful yet tractable.
  • Brakes – (-220 grams) and a lighter disc remove unsprung weight and provide excellent stopping power.
  • Steering – Steering head pipe and steering stem are 5mm shorter; lower forged triple steering clamp is lighter, for enhanced handling feel.
  • Clutch lever – Works-style clutch lever features oversize barrel adjuster for easy, on-the-fly adjustability of lever and cable play.
  • Front Suspension – Changes to the shape of the outer fork tubes and revised internals result in improved damping and a smoother ride.
  • Tires – A 120/80-19 rear Dunlop D756 knobby the 110/90-19 for even more traction. A D742FA replaces the D738FAL front tire.
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  1. i’ll take the honda … any day of the week …
    thanks … hehe …

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