Flickr photos getting Hot! Opppss

As I surf Flickr today, you know? searching on Flickr search bar using some keywords such as arts, colors, and exciting target words such as sexy and beyond that 🙂 , I was surprise by the result. It just some user upload pictures with a themes no different from PORN. I wonder why the Admin did not do anything about it. I read Flickr Community Guidelines it has a two points to remind us the “What to do” and “what not to do”, it was pointed on the last reminder as follows:

  • Don’t forget the children.
  • Take the opportunity to filter your content responsibly. If you would hesitate to show your photos to a child, your mum, or Uncle Bob, that means it needs to be filtered. So, ask yourself that question as you upload your photos and moderate accordingly. If you don’t, it’s likely that one of two things will happen. Your account will be reviewed then either moderated or terminated by Flickr staff.”

  • Don’t show nudity in your buddy icon.
  • If we find you doing that, we’ll remove it and send you a warning. If we find you doing it again, we’ll terminate your account.

But it seems that these pictures below did not follow the Flickr Community Guidelines, you can take a look. You can search these photos by using keywords that make you think when you see below or you can simply click the picture and it will link you to the flickr exact page. I did some shots design in my blogname to look like it was constructively criticize by the blog owner (as I was not aware of copyright)

The next time you upload photos on the sites that can easily access by everyone, think twice or it will be posted here. Ahhh, its no big deal anyway. I posted it twice instead.

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