Resident Evil.. the Game

The Survival Horror classic seems destined to oblivion, the ideas are scarce and everything seems to be an accumulation of interminable sagas offering more and more of it, fortunately there is still hope in the new, terror comes teenager. Obscure promises to take everything you can give them this branch of terror, combined with some elements classics of the genre, all to entertain and terrorize as few have achieved what?

Survival Horror, the genre that was born with Alone in the Dark, which was enshrined as gender Resident Evil is one of the most sold since its birth, this genre was so crushed by Resident Evil apartir that its third went to the fullest monotony and repetition ad nauseam, all of this despite the fact that the final chapters have not been bad, not innovate but have not been ill, and expects a major revolution in the next chapter.

Silent Hill gave a breath of fresh air to the genre by focusing more on terror, in the sense of fear what you do not see. Silent Hill also brings something very important to gender, the importance of darkness, the lighting, all of this to create an atmosphere of terror as a few have managed to achieve. Silent Hill 2 was a juegazo, like Silent Hill 3 but received considerable criticism, as it was expected much of the game.

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