Levi Johnston: The Baby Daddy

Have you heard about a baby daddy – well hear it now! Levi Johnston, As a biography, little is known of Mr. Johnston but he has been thrust into a publicity storm during the 2008 political season. In a blockbuster announcement, the vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin announced that her 17-year old daughter Bristol is pregnant courtesy of the 18-year old boyfriend. He knocked her up in April 2008 creating quite a baby scandal during the presidential race.

By all accounts he is a hockey player and a good one too. In fact he says so himself. Levi Johnston’s myspace page describes himself as a redneck, snowboarder, hockey player, and dirt bike rider who just might kick your ass. He says that he is in a relationship but does not want kids. Welcome to baby daddy land.

Levi Johnston

if you really want more about this guy, check it here Levi Johnston: Baby Daddy


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