A life question, do you have some?

This is related to Daveyboyz from Youtube, I would like to post the video but its better for you to watch it in Youtube. I list down the Life Question instead, this questions are from the comments of the users who are really touched (I suppose) by the Video:

The lists are correspond with usernames so you can feel whats on them, with them and who really cares anyway;

BOON70 commented:
Life Questions:
1. He is only distant from us when we distance ourselves from him. First we must draw closer into him then he will draw closer unto us. Whats the point of chasing after someone that’s running away from you unless there will to come to you first?

2. In love there is always pain or some type of suffering. That’s why love requires patience.

3. Some people are so pure before God that he takes them up. If this is true, they are only gone for a period then becomes a bond that can not be broken.

4. Man has walked on the moon. If we are really children of God, the sky is not the limit, because our potentiality would be boundless and endless. The sky being the limit is the lie.

gregolas182 commented:
whens the new harry potter film coming out? (kristo: what the!)

LegsMachinima commented:
if i knew, whether souls are temporary or eternal existences, that would help a lot already, but most of all i’d love to know how existence itself began (i definitely missed something, not being there to watch the show).

indubitabil commented:
i would like to know why people are indifferent to eachother and if there is love why pain must come with love together and suffering after that ,why humans can kill rather love someone .and why we always surch for answers and try to find the truth beneath things…there is a god?why people must belief in something to have the power in theyreselfs.(excuse my english)

Raamen123 commented:
why was it decided by aliens that earth is going to end 23/12 year 2012?

luminair123456789 commented:
Why does Abuse come into peoples minds? Why does todays community dress the way they dress and give off terrible examples for children? why do we all hurt like to hurt so much?

FIONAshizz commented:
1. What would the world be like without money?
2. What if we all just spoke in song forever?
3. Why do we feel that killing each other proves ourselves as being correct?
4. Why the H E L L is David Tennant not married? 😀

Narola commented:
Why do people always ask questions about life?

deftonesasu commented:
I agree. Ethonocentrism.
-Why can’t so many people try to understand other cultures and accept it as different, but okay??


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