Americas vote for Barack Obama or John McCain


American People must decide not only for American welfare but for the whole world as well. We can’t deny that Political and Economical stand point westerns are dominant, the fact is they even roots the Cultural scene around the world.

Bur everything changes, whatever result of this people will definitely deserves what are they voting for. Well, of course Election is Money and Money is Winner, thats the fact and reality bites. Thats Democracy where election is the arena for Political-Wealth.

For me I will go for Barack Obama, nobody really knows if the two candidates will fulfills what they stand for and what they said during the campaign. It’s my subjective point of view, of the two Presidency I feel more confidence and I can see good future of Borack Obana than John McCain – its my personal opinion but you can comment me on that.

For John McCain, you are good but I think not this time. Maybe at the end of the day McCain will the next President of the United State of America, who knows.

What I see at the end of the day is that many American Voters will be happy, because everything changes as what i started this blog – Even Color Changes ( please vote below) this is unofficial.

Good luck guys, thanks for making you campaign stand, it make the people more aware and socially active.


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