CDO Bloggers First Meet Up – Success Aftermath

A very exciting, interesting and challenging events happened in Cagayan De Oro Bloggers-sphere where started with 18 bloggers meet up at MIndys Cagayan de Oro. The event was initiated by Chiq Montes by creating CDO Bloggers webpage, its a community page where bloggers can join free, can participate and the source of information whats to and whats coming.

It is exciting because majority of the bloggers were just newly met, some are old buddies but with the new common grounds it is exciting.

Interesting talks were started after dinner (I had only beer), sharing what blog are you into, what have you done so far, what niche suites your blog – what niche comes your blog. Well, the good things were the COMMON DRAWS of goals, reasons, interest, visions hobbies and the ever interesting matter – Adsense

CDO Bloggers had just met yesterday, 7:00 PM (actually started at past 8:00PM), as First Meet Up it is very Challenging due to the fact that it aims to organize CDO Bloggers. Online activities are hard to organize specially internet people, it is because they are online and have a different views and actions of interest.

Success Aftermath? Yes indeed, if we follow the steps in organizing, these are my opinion; “what is to be done

  • Initiators must be firm and dedicated (time is option but ideas must be consistent)
  • Conduct assemblies, elect officers and draws down plan of activities
  • Organization building and consolidation is relative to Organization activities
  • Assessment (important)

Oh – i guess am talking a lot but this is not too much;

We aim at the same end and that is to BLOG!

Check out Photos below, click each for the full descriptions 🙂 Images from


3 Responses to “CDO Bloggers First Meet Up – Success Aftermath”

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  2. […] CDO Bloggers First Meet Up – Success Aftermath […]

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