Snorgtees, the Girls and the T-shirts

In my calculation (don’t worry I am not good in Math) 67 out of 100 Men surf the net just because of the pretty faces over the web page. Make that 68 now, I am counting you in! Why? Well, the Snorgtees Models are here.

There are many post about them, they just laugh-post using the Snorgtees T-shirt and they become instant Celebrity in the Advertising Player over the Internet. Like Alice the most popular Snorgtees Girl (check the image below, I label her ALICE the famous SNORGTESS GIRL), her brother is a friend of the owner of Snorgtees T-shirt, they take a shoot to her and now she’s the Most visited Image in the Over 500,000 visits a month of her Images, Hows that?

Now it is your chance to take a click for a better view, check all the photos below (Photo from Snorgtees)


3 Responses to “Snorgtees, the Girls and the T-shirts”


  2. Where do you find these beauties? They make my heart laugh. The ladies aren’t bad, either.
    Age 72 but getting younger on the Internet.

  3. Mr. Tripps Says:

    There is something more about the new girl.(damn that sounds lascivious) Anyway…

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