The most popular User name of 2008

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Have you ever wonder why people in the internet use user names instead of the real names? Where did this idea came from? And why do people always often use them.

The fact is that, upon logging to your account you are ask to type in your user name and password. I am about to bring this topic to the hip-hit of the year-ender. I am inviting everyone to join my campaign to search and to make a call “The most popular User name of 2008”. Last 2007 i wrote about the Year ender Horoscope (Year 2007 is done but 2050 is too far) and it was my surprise that nobody likes it, except for Capricorn people because it was the month of their sign.

This time I am expecting to break that record “The nobody like blog post”, Please join and feedback me about this Year Ender search for “The most popular User name of 2008” the first to comment will be posted in here of course with links on it,

Probably my Year Ender post of 2009 will be “The Most popular password of 2009”

The post Popular User names of 2008

  1. shezz
  2. Vlad Nistor
  3. ??

5 Responses to “The most popular User name of 2008”

  1. I would love to see my username as one of the most popular usernames of 2008. That would be cooll!! But since there are millions of users in the internet, well then I’m just hoping my user name would be one of the most pick names all over the net. Is that possible? Hehehehe…

  2. It would probably be the [EnterUsernameHere]2008 format.

  3. What is this anyways? I was searching for popular usenames and it brought me here.

  4. Negatory Hiatus Says:

    Hey, it’d be cool to have my username in the top 3.xD

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