You tried so hard to be someone, in Memory of Kurt Cobain

It is sad but true, Kurt Cobain died. This 2009 must be joyful but I remember Kurt Cobain, so i surf around youtube today. I don’t want to blog sad content it just makes us lonely.

BUT! I found this video and I love  the melody and the lyrics, the song  is called “Hold on” by JET. The lyrics are just fit, message is clear. You can play the video and sing  with it.



4 Responses to “You tried so hard to be someone, in Memory of Kurt Cobain”

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  2. Beverly Espanueva Says:

    sometimes…people just stray away from what they really want… sometimes people just do not know what they want…sometimes people have a knack of wanting what is not really for them… and when getting it… it is not enough… that is being human… KURT COBAIN… i heard this name… yeah…he carved his memory in the memory of History… very interestingly indeed!

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