How Important Weleda Products

My Friend suggested me to write something about SKIN CARE and Related Products. This is to inform the general Public Online why we should take care our health, skin and to inform the How Important Weleda Products.


Bringing a baby into the world is an awesome responsibility. So much depends on your newborn baby care. So why use baby skin products that contain harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment? Weleda’s natural and organic baby skin care products nourish and protect your baby’s delicate skin. Our naturally cleansing baby shampoo and body wash contains only gentle, plant-based cleansers, and our moisturizing baby cream and baby lotion soothe diaper rash with herbal calendula extract. Weleda even offers a baby gift set package combining our baby skin care cream, lotion, calendula oil, shampoo and body wash, and calendula diaper care: a perfect starter kit to welcome any baby into the world. So care for your baby naturally with Weleda!

For almost 90 years, Weleda have been innovating natural and organic skin care, hair care, and body care products from biodynamic herbal formulas. The Swiss company’s product line includes natural shampoo and body lotion, organic face cream and even natural toothpaste, formulated from plant-based ingredients such as calendula, chamomile, rosehip and sweet almond. Today, you can find Weleda’s organic beauty products, natural moisturizer, and even natural deodorant in over 50 countries, including North America. Visit to view Weleda’s complete line of natural skin care and hair care products, organic baby skin care, and body care products for all health and beauty needs.

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