Welcome and embrace the fact

This text is from a newly graduate of College of Education from one of the leading University here in Cagayan de Oro. I ran a few text from him and he gave this sample to me and It really excites me to publish this post. We are somehow being this in our own little way.

Have you noticed people who are very busy? People who works hard to persevere in life’s challenges? Because those people have dreams and desire to pursue success in their lives. At my age I have encountered different situations in life from wellness to poverty. Life for me is difficult, but I encompass to face struggles to graduate my desired my desired course. They say life is easy and we’re the one who made life so difficult, but when we look to some people today they are seems losers of life’s difficult game. No, we are not losers. We should reach out and do something for good.

So many were suffering because of poverty, scarcity or maybe just because of laziness. Some were just making fun of wasting time, without looking and doing something that can lift them up from poverty. Poverty always exist and we inevitable to escape and to encounter that situation but I believe that if we only have the will power, the strength to face life challenges, think positively and always asking for God’s divine guidance, I am sure we that we can carry life’s difficult tasks and taste fruit of success . If we look to people who were successful, do you think they reach that way easily? Definitely not, the key there is we need to make things in which we can reach our goals, like to persevere, take risks and aim for good. The negative side of pursuing our goal is we easily lose hope, we easily feel pity for ourselves that we can’t do more. Try and try, gain confidence and aim high!

I am still at young age, still starting to face the real life but I reflect the things happened outside to encourage young minds that there were no hindrances to pursue our desire. Appreciate the things we have right now, continue to lift up ourselves to do well, trusting God and believing that soon we will succeed.


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